Dawn of Autumn Light

Dawn of Autumn Light


To create a cover design for an the e-book Dawn of Autumn Light by D.L. Carter that actually correlates with the characters using only Public Domain sources.

Behind the Scenes:

I have long been a fan of D.L. Carter’s books, with her elven books – the Changing Magic series – among my top favorites.¬† Dawn of Autumn Light is a return to her elven world, though set at an earlier time period. I loved the characters, Dizzy, the female protagonist, in particular.

The hardest part of this design was the braids on Neothan, the male protagonist. Finding a model that had a full head of braids proved impossible so using a braid brush I painted his braids by hand. Dizzy’s braid, however, uses a segment of the female’s own hair in a repeating pattern.